2017 Geo-Congress Student Grant Winner/Organizational Member Career Fair

Dear Students, Professors, and Geo-Professionals, Do you know students in the geo-profession who are looking to expand their career opportunities, meet potential Geo-Institute Organizational Member (OM) employers, and possibly receive a $300 stipend to attend the 2017 Geo-Congress? If so, the Geo-Institute invites you to attend the 2017 Geo-Congress Student Grant Winner/Organizational Member Career Fair […]

Students: Learn about Underground Engineering from an Expert

The growth of cities and the challenges of urban infrastructure mean that more and more construction is going underground. Tunnels and caverns are built to carry freight and passenger rail, create highway links under harbors and mountainous terrain,  convey water and wastewater, and meet a wide array of other infrastructure needs. The design and construction […]

Raju Acharya and Minh Tran Win Mohr Circle Trophy

Students predicted the behavior of a “real world” geotechnical system. The winning team most accurately matched the actual field performance. Placing first in the GeoPrediction Competition  and recipient of the Mohr Circle Trophy are Raju Acharya and Minh Tran of University of Texas, Arlington.   Placing 2nd: Shaymaa Kadhim and Rand Khalil of University of […]

Pugazhuel Palanivelu, Jesus Esquivel, and Miriam Woodley Win First GeoVideo Competition

New to the competitions this year at IFCEE 2015 was the GeoVideo, in which students developed short videos explaining various geotechnical concepts accessible to a variety of educational levels.  Pugazhuel Palanivelu, Jesus Esquivel, and Miriam Woodley of Arizona State were first place winners.   Placing 2nd: Jun Guo and Xiaohui Sun of University of Kansas […]

Nasser Hamdan Wins GeoPoster Competition at IFCEE 2015

Students had the opportunity to present their research findings and to receive achievement recognition during the GeoPoster Competition.  First place winner was Nasser Hamdan of Arizona State University (pictured below with Scott Merry).   Placing 2nd: Alejandro Martinez of Georgia Tech Placing 3rd: Ashly Cabas of Virginia Tech

Cal State Fullerton Wins GeoWall Competion at IFCEE 2015

Teams of four students designed and built a model mechanically-stabilized Earth wall. 1st place and recipient of the coveted Atterberg Cup for the second year in a row: Cal State Fullerton   Finishing 2nd place: University of Texas, Arlington Finishing 3rd place: University of Arkansas

Students, May/June 2015

GEOSTRATA, 2015, May/June, 15 SLC Creates All-Student Newsletter The Student Leadership Council (SLC) has been hard at work this semester creating its inaugural, all-student newsletter. The newsletter will be disseminated quarterly to Graduate Student Organization chairs and will focus on topics of student interest, opportunities, grants, and more. To keep up with the SLC and […]

Students November/December 2014

GEOSTRATA, 2014, November/December, 16 12th International Symposium on Geo-disaster Reduction The GSO at California State University, Fullerton, successfully hosted the 12th International Symposium on Geo-disaster Reduction in collaboration with the California Geotechnical Engineering Association at CSUF, the Los Angeles Chapter of the Geo-Institute, the CSUF College of Engineering and Computer Science, and the International Consortium […]

Students, January/February 2015

GEOSTRATA, 2015, January/February, 14 Virginia Tech Hosts Ninth Annual Schnabel Engineering Lecture Virginia Tech welcomed Karen Durham- Aguilera, PE, director of contingency operations for the Office of Homeland Security, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, as she presented the Ninth Annual Schnabel Engineering Lecture on November 4, 2014. Durham-Aguilera brings over 34 years of experience to […]